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With the spirit of traditional golf course design, Miller Golf Design Group strives to create unique golf courses that blend the chosen landscape and anticipated concept.


With a firm belief in the traditional (yet unique) golf course, our innovative computer-based formatting allows us to view the land and the anticipated golf course during the design phase, and then reproduce this idea quickly and efficiently.  Our optional “design/build” structure reduces costly changes in the field, and allows this flexibility to work within a limited budget.  This is in conjunction with Golfshape Development Inc., the original golf course development company.


The benefits of “design/build” include:


bulletSingle fixed price
bulletEfficiency in budget and schedule
bulletFull project responsibility


A full service company, Miller Golf Design Group also generates property and feasibility studies, marketing strategies and drawings, and golf course or resort master plans, in addition to numerous renovation & safety evaluation projects.  Miller Golf Design Group believes controlling the design and construction process is good for the budget-conscious developer/golf course, and the land that is to become a “classic” golf course.

Our entire reputation begins with design and ends with the final product. Increased control for the owner, as well as input of ideas.




Golf Course Development:


bulletPredominantly Ontario, with excursions into New York, Pennsylvania, and Poland.


Sixteen years of diversified experience with land resource mapping, survey and development, specializing in computer-assisted mapping and design as related to golf course design. Conversant with computer hardware and software including engineering and survey, terrain modeling, spatial analysis, and graphic design/animation.


Current responsibilities include:


bulletGolf course design
bulletSite investigation/planning
bulletPreparation of feasibility/marketing studies
bulletFull permitting services
bulletGeneration of computer-assisted design, modeling and presentation packages
bulletConstruction management
bulletGolf course management staffing setup and implementation




Jason Miller has a broad range of experience in the development of land features, and has been involved in soil mapping for the Province of Ontario, survey engineering, geographical information systems and computerized design systems. This has allowed the details to be assessed and then integrated into the design process, in a cost effective manner. Numerous golf course renovation plans have been implemented, including resort development and ski area development. Golf course design has developed from this desire to integrate the game of golf, history and the natural landscape. Fresh ideas bring a unique flair to the changing world of golf course design, and Miller Golf Design Group is proud to be responsible for some of these new (and old world ) trends and traditions.

Graduating from the University of Guelph in Specialized Honours Physical Geography-Geomorphology, Jason Miller’s experience has been molded by his love of the game and its history, the study of golf courses around the world, and the holistic approach he has developed over the years. Every golf hole is approached as an individual achievement that will eventually become part of an experience that is called golf.  The golf course must blend into it's surroundings, and look natural, as if it has been there since the last glaciers washed over it with smoothing waters.


Ontario Professional Affiliations:


bulletGolf Course Superintendents Association of America
bulletOntario Golf Superintendents Association
bulletOntario Turfgrass Research Foundation
bulletNational Golf Foundation
bulletUnited States Golf Association
bulletGeorgian Bay Superintendents Association







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